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The African fish eagle is a proficient hunter, with live fish accounting for the bulk of its diet. It typically hunts from a huge perch on water side tree, where it can watch for moving close to the water’s surface once prey is sighted low over the water and at the critical moment throws both feet forward to seize hold of its target with powerful talons.
The African fish eagles rarely spend more than ten minutes per day actively hunting. Aside from fish, this efficient raptor will also take the young of water such as lesser flamingoes in Lake Baringo.
Adult African fish eagles are normally seen in pairs but on large productive lakes nests and roosts may be only a few hundred meters apart and many birds can be found together in one area. The stick nests are usually built in a tree close by water and are used year after growing in size over time with the addition of needs papyrus reads bulrushes and sometimes weaver nest.
Calling on duet, whilst perched or soaring, is an integral part of breading display and is combined with dramatic aerial dives and falls with pairs integrals in mid air. The female normally lays one to three eggs in the nest which are incubated for around 44 days before hatching.
Although in captivity African fish eagles can live for more than 40 yrs in the wild those that are fortunate to survive the first year have an estimated life expectancy of 12 to 24 years.
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