Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kenya tour: migration follow-up

Finally they are here….
The pioneers of the migration, the Zebras have now confirmed that the migration has really poured into the Mara. The Zebras are always the leaders while the wildebeests follow. They have already entered the Mara from Sand River and soon the huge mass of the migration will cover the grasslands of the Mara.
Masai Mara, icon of Kenyan safari, is located in the South-western of Kenya, 290 kilometers from Nairobi. The abundance of wildlife and the remoteness of the reserve implant memories that no money can buy. The migration has brought with it huge mass of tourists, some regular enthusiasts, others coming for the first time. Hundreds of wildlife photographers have not been left out as usual.

The park has started to fill with safari vans, every driver guide trying to show his clients the best that this park can afford.

The giant crocodiles of Mara River have started to stir, lying in wait for the forthcoming free abundant meals. Some of them had their proper last meal during the last migration.

Lions cubs will have all the meals they can afford to put in their bellies, while the hyena laughter will be heard everyday, early in the morning. They will be seen early in the morning by those who will wake up early before they go back to their dens after cleaning the leftovers from lion kills. They are capable of making their own kills, but why bother when the lions will do all the kills. A Kenya safari is such an adventure that everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy.

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