Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kenya tour: Migration update

We can now confirm the first of the wildebeests are now entering the Mara, another Kenyan safari cycle kicks off. This has been reported by our guides. These first herds can now be seen along the sand river heading north from Serengeti though still in very small groups. However all indications shows this is the head of the 2007 migration into the Mara.

Four weeks ago, several herds of zebra went throught this area heading west. These were the loita herds that would normaly pass here on transit into nortern Serengeti or the Mara triangle. Many atimes these herds are confused with the main migration from the south, making some people raise unnecessary excitement.

The herds now entering the Mara are confirmed to be the onset of the migration. Most people residing in the Mara were expecting a late arrival this year based on the amount of grass on the way of the migrating herds. Reports from the Serengeti as well indicate there was extensive burning on the central plains, which, due to the recent rains made the place attractive to the herds because of the short lush grass growing. This was thought to delay the herds, but as nature has shown in the past, the instinct of these animals to move on is stronger than the dangers in their. No obstacle will stop them, making your Kenya wildlife safari complete.

The onset of the migration this year is also believed to be slow in that there is plenty of grass on the Mara plains and will make their movement gradual.

From the last Big Cat update, we had reported that lion activities and presence had improved from the previous months. Currently most lion prides are coming together just as the season of plenty is around the corner. Lions are now seen daily.Cheetah sightings aslo improved in the past couple of weeks and we now get to see them regularly. Leopard sightings too has been fantastic and will definitely improve with the arrival of the wildebeests.