Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wildlife safari holiday – ultimate jungle experience

It is no doubt that Kenya has earned a notch in the world as a preferred destination for those seeking ultimate jungle experience, adventures in the wilderness and precise comfort in a wildlife thrilled parks and reserves. "kenya safari ” was launched this year by the government of Kenya through ministry of tourism as the Kenya’s official destination brand.

Your favorite, reliable and authoritative safari blog ‘African adventure crew’ headed by Francis was again on the ground to see whether this was reflected in truth or it was just a fiction. From our extensive experiences from the holiday makers, we have in this season’s ‘Nature series’ heard stories on real time adventure and eye witness experiences from varied holiday makers in Kenya over the peak months of July and August.

Bob and Kristina - UK
We first met Bob and Kristina an elderly couple that had come to Kenya to mark their lovely 40th anniversary in marriage. The couple had left Samburu national reserve the day before, and had just completed an early morning game drive in L. Nakuru national park. All cheerful and elated with Joy, it was easy to overture and bond with them thanks to the great awe inspiring experiences that kept them smiling all through. To Kristina, seeing Kudus in the wild amidst unique wildlife of samburu was a sought-after memory. In Lake Nakuru, they were lucky to spot the endangered black rhino, while the white rhinos and the stunning panoramic of millions of flamingos roamed were just infront of them. Their itinerary was skillfully and precisely drawn to ensure they touched every heart of the best and unique wilds during their Kenya safari.

Seane story - Australia
The next day we met Sean and party from Australia. No doubt, this young couple must have had a hint of the best way to explore Kenya’s wildlife – camping safari! Their choice to do their Kenya camping safari in August was sheer brilliance as the weather is generally favorable. After breakfast, we proceed to hells gate national park. Sammy the cook had made a yummy packed lunch for the group. Hiking the hells gate was not just a lovely experience but also a great adventure and exercise.

Our choice to set our survey base around the two rift valley lakes – Nakuru and Naivasha was a pre-arranged due to the central location and popularity. Lake Nakuru is Kenya’s premium national park offering a diverse ecosystem and great wildlife spotting within a close range. Lake Naivasha on the other hand hosts the most deluxe vacation resorts and campsites with diverse wildlife and great boating excursions. It is at these two lakes where you can meet tourists with unique and varied itineraries and therefore a chance to obtain views from mixed experiences and different destinations.

Martin Black’s family
We met Martin Black, his mama 79 and three children on the forth day of our program. By then, the group had seen more than they had expected. The two girls were drawing pictures of various wildlife that they had seen, while the young boy was busy playing games and listening to music. Even though this particular group had lived in many places of the world, they openly confessed that Kenya is a ‘paradise’ thanks to scores of wildlife, beautiful sceneries and white-sanded coastal beaches not forggeting the friendly and charming people.

Melywn family - UK
On the fifth day of our analysis, I met the lovely and exciting vacationers of the season – the Melywn’s family from UK. Their driver/guide, Charles made an incredible introduction causing a quick confidence and bond between the two parties. Immediately after briefing, we engaged in a conversation unconscious that we were running behind time. On the way to Naivasha we had great talks as the group shared their experiences and also asked questions on various issues concerning Kenya. The group did a trek in Hells gate national park as well as taking photos of the magnificent Hells gate Gorge, Fischer,s and Central towers and the splendid view of Lake Naivasha from Olkaria hill. The group saw myriad wildlife and inimitable sceneries through out their safari.

Yifat family - Israel
Shalom!! thats how it started. Our last group in this series was Yifat family from Israel. Having visited ‘north of equator’ wildlife parks, they had a great comparison with the lower equator parks. It is amazing how nature is discrete with unsearchable uniqueness. Unlike other African destinations, Kenya wildlife observe the hemispherical rules in that some species are only found on the northern part of equator while others are purely restricted to the southern. Yifat family then proceded to hike the Menengai crater. The crater lies at 2272 meters above sea level and was formed as result of combined rift valley and volcanic activities. The ashy smell from molten lava can be felt up to date while the whole floor is covered by black volcanic rocks and shrubs. On clear days, one can see most rift valley lakes such as Bogoria, Baringo, Elmentaita and the near by Lake Nakuru.

Courtesy of Francis Nyagah

Kenia Safari Adventure crew