Monday, October 27, 2008

Kenya safari, beyond expectations

Courtesy of Anne Nicholson and Richard James

Kenya is a country that many refer to as 'the real Africa'. The cradle of mankind, the home of diverse ethnicity, contrasts and awesome history, all have also been used to refer to Kenya. No matter your interest, pursuance and motivation, Kenya will have uncountable offers which will turn your expectations to nothing less than a lifetime experience.

One of our last Kenya safari visitors from Liverpool was very impressed when he saw the Crying stones of Maragoli near the famous Kakamega forest – the only remnant of equatorial rain forests in Kenya. On reaching the airport to take his flight back home, the visitor who for the sake of his fame in Europe I will not disclose said "Kenya is a whole world in one country…." He waved and left … the last words I had were, "I will come back with my business partner soon… see you then"

For many decades now, many people from every scope of life worldwide have gained massive interest in Kenya. Key personalities have made their name to appear in the Guinness book of record, won Nobel prizes while others have featured in global headlines by setting foot to explore this 'paradise'.

Last week Richard James and Anne Nicholson were in their first time safari in Kenya. Amazingly, what they thought of Africa before then was totally different from the kind of Africa they saw in Kenya. From delicious international cuisines to attractions, beautiful sceneries, wildlife, amazingly hospitable people, beautiful cities and towns e.t.c, all depicted untold Kenya safari experience. Anne and James had a chance to have lunch at the famous carnivore restaurant – a world re-known joint for all selection of game meat and uncountable international and African delicacies. I might not tell the experience better than Anne and James, but I know even to them, words cannot explain this life time experience.

It would not be a sheer tribute if I say "Whoever goes to Kenya has a legacy and an inimitable myriad story to tell" but at least I have Anne and Richard as witnesses among many many others. Many have experienced these Kenya safari dreams, while others only hear

On another arena....
Kenya now boast of world class national parks, well improved infrastructures and hospitable communities, following massive developments that are in place in line with Kenya's vision 2030. If you have been to Kenya recently, you will bare me witness that the roads have greatly improved, Nairobi – the capital has even become better and electricity is reaching even the very rural places. The only issue however is most of the new roads don’t have road signs (ha ha ha!), hope they will be in place soon the roads are complete with carpeting.
News flash......
A funnier thing is that, Kenya is now home to the oldest pupil in the world, the man by name Kimani Maruge. Maruge has entered the Guinness book of records after joining elementary (primary) school class one at the age of 78 years. He comes from Eldoret a few miles from Cherangani hills and Iten where most of the Kenya's world best athletes come from and where most go for high attitude training.
Jambo! na Kwaheri!

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