Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camping safari …. a perfect choice

(As told by Lior and Kristine)
Africa and Kenya in particular has earned a remarkable share in the world of safaris. Safari is a Swahili word meaning travel and Kenya boasts the pioneer-ship of safaris in the world.

Safaris are packaged in diverse ways in Africa, but it is in Kenya where African safaris trace their roots of origin. Although safaris have gone through a massive revolution, the authenticity of safari in Kenya has remained unscathed for decades. One of the incredible revolutions that Kenya safaris have experienced is the camping safari.

Lior and Kristine had a lifetime experience camping in Kenya. The couple had a whole eight days exploring the magnificent beauty of Kenya. Setting foot in Kenya, they proceed to the famous Maasai Mara. The breathtaking plains spotted with ever green shrubs and scattered acacia, swarm the greatest global spectacle – the wildebeest migration. Mara gained its esteem from the Big cat dairy featured at BBC and lots of other innumerable documentaries and photographic events, but it is the migration that saw Mara rise to one of the seventh wonder of the world.

From Mara, they proceed to Lake Nakuru national park where the picturesque flamingo birds turn the skies pink. Known as a the bird watchers paradise, the park has turned out to be a tale of success in conserving two endangered ungulates – the Black and white rhinos and the Rothschild giraffes. Kristine and Lior had fun! fun!! fun!!! photographing and viewing wildlife, birds and sceneries at close proximity.
Conversely, their paramount incident was the trekking day. We got to Menengai crater in time and all set; we started trekking up the crater. As we went up we could see the horizons interspersed with hills and trees. The sky was clear and the morning sun kept the moist dew glowing.

After a successful hike to the top of the crater, we proceed to Hells gate national park. Here, the trek takes place in a gorge. The gorge is perceived to resemble the ‘tunnels of hell’ due their seemingly endless facades. To reach the central tower photo site, we had to pass two rock barriers. The first one is slippery and around 2.5 meters high and the other one is around 12 feet. After a great courage, Kristine climbed and we all managed to reach the photo site. It was incredibly rewarding for Lior and Kristine especially the photos bearing the central tower backdrop.
Although I didn’t accompany Lior and Kristine to Samburu national reserve, I heard acknowledgment of their immense experience there. Samburu is a reserve comparable to none in Kenya. It is in Samburu where you will find the grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and the gerenuk gazelle. Lior and Kristine camped near the famous Ewaso nyiro river rich with Hippos and African crocodiles.

Lior and Kristine are now in Uganda, but they still hold to it that their camping safari in Kenya was indeed a perfect choice. Thanks to Elizabeth of Natural Track Safaris who did all within her reach to ensure Lior and Kristine camping in Kenya was a success. Kudos! Peter, the driver guide …that was a job well done.
Natural Track Safaris has received testimonials world over for arranging unique and precise African safaris tailor made to suit all safari needs. Nonetheless camping safari through natural track has proved itself way above any other in Kenya.

Next time, you can be the one reading about your safari in our articles just like Lior and Kristine.
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