Friday, June 29, 2007

King of the Jungle

Famously referred to the King of the jungle, they actually do not inhabit jungles
It is partially true to refer to the lions as 'King of the beasts'. A Safari in Kenya reveals, It is a fact that they really are kings of the predatory beasts, but they can be easily backed down or killed by elephants and water buffalo. A pack of hyenas can also back down or even kill a solitary lion.
Packed for the Kill,.....

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya, a distinctly separate massif from the Aberdares, is part of the central highlands of Kenya. Africa’s second highest mountain at 5199m, with a gleaming and eroded snow-capped peaks can be seen for miles until the late-morning clouds obscure the view. Mount Kenya is one of the inclusions rarely left behind in Kenya safari package.Trekking Mt. Kenya is one of the great experiences. It is Locally deified by the local Kikuyu community as home of Ghai (God). Mt Kenya.....